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Best SMS Marketing Technique (Part 03)

Collect cell number:
Cell phones are considered highly personal. This is why many customers are always afraid to provide numbers to businesses for fear of being harassed. But there is no other way: You need to contact information to do SMS marketing. Initially, many brands include cell phone fields when it comes to getting customer personal information. However, do not forget that consent is required for communication through the customer’s mobile phone. Often, this approval is included in that mandatory billing box: “I have read and accepted all the terms of the agreement.” The idea is to create a specific box for sending SMS. For example: “I want to receive news via SMS.” Thus, customers do not feel aggressive because the approval of the messages was clear.

Landing pages are another way to get cell phone numbers. Include the phone as a mandatory area to sign up for subscriptions to client webinars and download e-books and infographics, among other materials.

It is also legal to develop promotional actions with the purpose of capturing this data. You can encourage customers to register to receive an SMS and in return draw a prize among the participants. Also, you have the option to keep the company number visible on your other communication channels.

Thus, the customer can voluntarily sign up to send a message and get brand contacts. Lead Generation is the process of capturing important records about a user who is likely to be a customer of your company. Through SMS promotion, it is possible to collect this data. You can create forms on landing pages and send URLs to contact numbers that are offering you something instead of filling out their information.

Customers may be offered educational materials, coupons, etc. But be careful not to ask for too much information. Ideally, the form should be concise and the page should be responsive.

Create a database:
It is really important to have the phone number of the consumer. However, there is other strategic information needed to customize actions that trigger a text message and appropriate content that matches each customer’s habits. For this reason, it is important to maintain a database for storing and managing these records.

Use data for you:
Thinking about consumer preferences and their complete interaction history with your brand is essential to creating a unique and memorable experience. So holding hands is not enough. It is essential to explain this information and turn it into strategic knowledge. So, you don’t take the risk of sending an offer to do an MBA course, for example, to someone who hasn’t even graduated.

Go straight to the point:
You only have 160 characters to communicate with your client. So, the message needs to be short and very purposeful. Others may include links to content for your website, blogs, social networks. In this way, the consumer can get additional information before the action is completed.

Review the message before sending:
Never underestimate the impact of a word written incorrectly. Spelling and grammar errors of any campaign can ruin an entire campaign and hurt your brand’s reputation. Although companies use SMS to create business opportunities, criminals can also take advantage of customers and warn the general public from these contacts. Otherwise, be careful, the customer will not take the content seriously and delete the message immediately

Don’t forget to Identify your brand name:
This sounds like a silly tip, but many companies fail to do so. If the customer does not know who the sender is, how will he believe the message? And if you have the link, no one will click! So, identify yourself after you complete the message. This helps to ensure that the customer feels safe.

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