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What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing, also known as text message marketing, is a method by which businesses and organizations send highly targeted, permission-based, text messages, specials, coupons, promotions, alerts, and more. These messages are limited to a maximum of 160 characters. SMS marketing is a marketing channel, much like email marketing, that sends marketing messages or more commonly known, text messaging to business customers via SMS.

These marketing messages can vary from promotional messages, sales, offers, product launches, and more.

In the modern business world, there are many ways to market and advertise your business, and SMS marketing is one of them. But it can do much more than that.

In this modern fast-paced world, people want to communicate in a way that suits them, a great fast, convenient way to adapt to their way of life. And this is exactly why SMS marketing is now popular among consumers and businesses.

What is permission-based marketing?
Permission-based is a form of marketing that gives customers explicit permission to market to them. This can be done by submitting an online opt-in form, a competition entry, or a specific keyword in a shortcode.

Positive for customers:
We all like our mobile phones. They never leave our side, they are our new faithful best friends that we take with us everywhere. Not only do they capture our daily lives, but they also help us through it. Our mobile phones are the Swiss Army’s knife of human life, they let us take photos, set alarms, check our bank balances, pay, listen to music, read books, watch movies, turn on our passage, this list can be turned on and on. But basically, SMS marketing is the right way for us to communicate, it is instant, fast, and convenient.

Positive for business:
It’s fast, easy, and convenient for business. They can send large SMS messages at once with the click of a button. They will then click on their links and see who has unsubscribed from their messages.

  • 98% of all text messages are read (source: Gartner)
  • 95% of all text is read in 3 minutes (Source: Forbes)

This means businesses prefer SMS marketing because they can virtually guarantee that their message will be read instantly!

What businesses use SMS marketing for:
A lot of businesses are using SMS marketing, be it through an SMS API or an online SMS web platform.

  • A new product or service
  • Sale or offer
  • Notification
  • Delivery updates
  • Appointment reminder
  • Important news
  • Customer service
  • Support

Basically, SMS marketing can help in business and anything!

So if you want to try SMS marketing with your business, sign up here without any contract or minimum conditions to sign up. Simple general low-cost SMS marketing.

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